Winter Derby

11th Annual Northern Pike Classic-2018
March 10th, 2018

It was a beautiful day for a derby on Lake Wahtopanah (River’s Reservoir). Mother Nature kept the temperatures on the warmer side, some sun would have been nice.  The morning consisted of an overcast day with very little wind.  In the afternoon wind started picking up bringing in colder temps, but by then the derby was over and people could warm up.

A combined total of 328 participants braved the snow covered lake in search of that elusive Northern Pike.   Out of those we had 241 adults and a WHOPPING 87 youth.  33 fish were registered. Smaller than average number of fish caught.  That is why it is called fishing and not catching.  It seems that fish were being caught all over the lake and not one particular “Hot Spot”.  Three of the prize money fish were caught by some of our derby sponsors.  Kudos to them for helping sponsor the derby then to win some prize money back.  Again this year we gave out $3200 for the top 10 lengths.  There were other various prizes which included a beautiful framed Northern Pike, 50/50, and perfume draws.

I apologize if any names are spelt wrong.  I am at the liberty of copying other people’s writing.  In the event of a tied length the person who measures first gets position rights.

Results of the derby

Place Tix # Name Prize Size (cm)
1 21 M&M Drilling $1000 77.20
2 66 Michael Elcock $750 71.20
3 6 Super Thrifty $500 70.00
4 85 Rae Wiens $250 69.60
5 63 Mark Vreeman $200 69.20
6 113 Scott Young $100 68.80
7 187 Wade Turner $100 68.60
8 138 Wade Struth Const. $100 68.40
9 93 Ric Wieler $100 68.20
10 241 Les Gray $100 68.20
11 147 Eric McArthur Case/Bucket 66.40
Place Tix # Name Prize Size (cm)
1 1 Ben Anderson Trophy/Game Console 68.00
2 27 Kyle Beatty Trophy/$25 Jo Brooks 57.80
3 33 Oliver Vreeman Trophy/$25 Jo Brooks 56.60
4 65 Xzander $25 Jo Brooks 52.80
5 51 Maria Vreeman $25 Jo Brooks 45.40


10th Annual Ice Fishing Derby 2017
-Rebranded to the Northern Pike Classic-

The Rivers and Area Game and Fish held their tenth annual Northern Pike Classic held on March 11th. The association has moved to a pike only derby to ensure the survival of deep water perch and walleye that used to be caught in previous derbies.  It was a little colder this year with harder driving conditions on the lake.  That still didn’t keep 155 adults and 37 youth from participating.  Out of the 192 competitors 33 pike were measured.  This is the second year now where the association has made the prize money a little more attractive.  Over $3200 in prize money given away with top prize being $1000.  Wade Turner won the $1000 first place with a length of 83.2cm.  A special draw for pre-registered ticket holders consisted of a 4 hour Red River guided fishing trip. This prize was donated by Josh Haisell Outfitting which was won by Dreena Tegg.  Please have a look at his webpage by clicking on his name on this page and book your next cat fishing excursion.  Competitors also had a chance to win various donated gift certificates, massage packages, fishing kits.  Our local member and acting chef Richard English operated a mini canteen of hot dogs, burgers, and warm drinks.  This time of year always has its challenges.  Year before we struggled with above average temperatures which created flood waters on top of the ice, this year was colder temperatures and more snow leaving travel difficult.


9th Annual Northern Pike Classic
Presented by Rivers and Area Game and Fish Association

Despite the scare of early ice melting conditions 162 adult and 28 youth (12 and under) gathered on Lake Wahtopanah March 12th.  There were a couple of changes the association made for this years derby.  There was the elimination of the $10,000 tagged pike cash prize and eliminated prize categories for walleye and perch.  Instead cash prizes totalling $3200 were awarded for the top 10 northern pike lengths.  70 pike were registered.

Adults-Cash:                                                                                       Youth Trophy:
1st-$1000-84.8cm                        6th-$100-80.6cm                           1st-62.2cm
2nd-$750-82.8cm                         7th-$100-77.4cm                           2nd-60.2cm
3rd-$500-82.4cm                          8th-$100-74.4-cm                          3rd-57.6cm
4th-$250-81.4cm                          9th-$100-74.2cm
5th-$200-81.2cm                          10th-$100-67.8cm

One thing the association loves doing is giving to the youth.  All youth participants received a goodie bag containing a fishing rod and reel combo, jig and tail, colouring book, and tape measure.