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April 4th, 2018
Big Game Aerial Survey Results
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Jan. 21, 2017
Night Hunting too close to home?
In recent times we have seen more and more write ups regarding night hunting and the impact is getting closer and closer to home.  It cannot get any closer to Colin and Ann Hunter who live just four miles east of Rivers.  It seems that their farming business operation, The Farmers Field, sustained a serious blow.  One of their cattle who was just about to calve was shot in the head.  The Hunters host wild turkeys released by the association, open their farm to Open Farm Day, and provide local farm raised meat for sale.  They have a pretty strict no hunting policy on their land.  It is upsetting to see these kinds of actions happen considering it is on a no hunting private property, it was a farm animal, and there are adults and children living on same property.  If that bullet would have missed, then what?   The Manitoba Wildlife Federation and associated clubs take a firm stance on ridding the province of night hunting in populated areas.