Shooting Range

The Shooting range has an Archery area, Shotgun area, Small Arms 25y/50y bays, and a 200y area for Long Gun, as well as an Educational Center.

May 2023

October 2022

Our range/education center/registration/orientation made the front page of the Rivers Banner!

September 2022

Super exciting news—the inspection stage is over!! We’ve crossed all our T’s and dotted all our i’s. Just in time for hunting season! We’ll be accepting new Memberships, Gun Range Registration, and Orientation on Saturday, 17th Sept, 10 am-2 pm. at our new Gun Range (south on Taylor Rd; look for signage). All are Welcome! For questions, contact our Membership Chair Ron Taylor 204-761-8276.

August 2022

Lots of progress on our new facility!

Thank you to the Brandon & Area Community Foundation for their $3,900 grant. We appreciate these funds very much as they are going to be used for our generator, gen plug and installation of the septic tank for our Education Center at the range. We are getting close to the finish line!!

Thank you to Westman Communications Group for their generous donation to help toward building costs of our new Education Centre at the gun range. Here are members Kelvin Lamb and Donna Morken with the $300 cheque.

November 2021

Rivers and Area Game & Fish Association received a total of $2,000 to install insulation for the septic tank and purchase a water pump for their new education building situated at the revitalized shooting range. The Bill and Helen Sibbald Legacy Fund which is directed towards agriculture, environment and fine arts directed $1251 towards this project with the remaining $749 coming from RACF funds. Game & Fish treasurer Kelvin Lamb and Gun Range committee chair Bob Futrell received their grant from Jim Madder and Mavis White representing the Sibbald family and RACF director Donna Falkevitch who represented both RACF and the Sibbald family. We greatly appreciate the funds.

We had our inspection on the 20th of October. It went quite well, but we have some improvements to make. We have not been certified yet. We have been working on making the improvements needed and we anticipate another inspection within the next two weeks, depending on the weather. We are almost at the end of this phase of the project.

October 2021

We now have a tentative date of inspection of October 20th. We will know more about what remains to be done for the range to become fully operational for guns following the initial inspection. The Education Center electrical wiring is nearly complete; the next steps are plumbing and then finishing the interior walls (drywalling, etc).

August 2021

August 16, 2021: Our range is now open for archery only—$20 gets you a key to the gate to use the range for archery for the remainder of 2021. Must be a member of Rivers and Area Game and Fish Association (if you’re a member of another MWF club, we have an associate member category for $5; otherwise single is $40, family is $45). Please contact Ron at 204-328-7813 or email us at

August 15, 2021: Congrats to the 50/50 winner Tyler Wilson of Birtle—$125. Here he is with his catch of the day.

Despite the heat, the archery event was a great success and a lot of fun was had by all. Over 40 people participated in our first ever archery event, plus volunteers. Lots of families came out too, which was nice to see. A big thank-you to Travis and Derek from Jo Brooks, for organizing, lending the 3-D targets, making the trail, and so many other behind the scenes time and energy. Special thanks also to Bob Futrell for organizing on our end, as well as volunteers Craige, Monica, Ron, Roger, Kelvin, Donna M., Tom, and Sarah, and Dave from Jo Brooks. Door prize winners are: Trail camera- Ashlyn Thompson, Broadheads- Dwight Bruce, and Hip Quiver- JD Shipton—thanks to Jo Brooks for the generous door prizes, and for gift cards and fishing lures for the cadets and hats as well.

August 3, 2021: Super exciting news! A fun archery event at our new gun range (which is not yet open for gun shooting, but we can do archery!) Hope to see you there

August 1, 2021: Our Rivers Game and Fish new Training Centre is progressing nicely. Currently the bathrooms are being constructed, the septic tank and the well are soon to be hooked up. Fencing all done. We appreciate getting the $100,000 grant from the Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development Agreement, without this, this would have never taken place! 

We have spent $90K to date, and currently are requesting the final $10K to complete our project!
Thanks again to Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development!
We are also hosting an outdoor 3-D shoot on Sunday, 15th August at the site as one of our first of many events to take place at the range/centre. This event is open to all members and non members to enjoy! 

July 2021

The new gate and fence for the gun range is now done. Thanks to Kelvin, Roger, Craige, and Johan for their help and equipment. The four worked for two days to get this completed.

March 2021

March 12, 2021: We made the front page again! Check out this great media coverage by the Rivers Banner on our newly erected building.

March 9, 2021: The building is up! Below are a few pictures of the outside of the building. This is a huge milestone in achieving our goal of having an Education Center for events at the gun range. Still lots of interior work to do before we have a finished product.

February 2021

The colour pallette for the Rivers and Area Game & Fish Association Education Center has been chosen. The light color is for the walls and it is called “buckskin”.  The green color is for the roof and all the trim and it is called “Melchers green”. Very fitting!

January 2021

January 26, 2021: We wish to thank the Rivers & Area Community Foundation for the grant of $1000 for the signage for the upgraded gun range. Signage is a legal requirement to certify the gun range. Thanks again Rivers & Area Community Foundation for your continued support!

January 19, 2021: We wish to thank Rivers and Area Community Foundation for their generosity of the two $1000 grants for the Rivers Game & Fish, specifically for our new gun range. This money was received in 2019 and 2020 and has been used for the building of the berms that is a safety requirement for certification of the range. The berms are now complete.

We appreciate the Rivers and Area Community Foundation for supporting our new gun range and look forward to its completion!

January 15, 2021: We made the front page of the Rivers Banner! A full update on the progress of our gun range can be found in the latest issue. Check it out.

August 2020

I hope everyone is staying safe and well.  Time for another update to our range.  Progress is slow and steady, Covid isn’t a volunteers friend right now.  First step is making it safe for anyone that uses the range.  The beautification of the place will come after the licensing is in place.  Here are some angles of the range.

Rivers and Area Community Foundation presenting the club with a $1,000 donation towards the Gun Range Project.

November 2019
–Great News!!!
The club is moving forward with a formal gun range. It will be located south of the lagoon in the old gravel pits, click HERE for link to Google Maps. Some of you already know this place as the “informal” range already. The club is in the preliminary stages of finalizing design so we can keep moving forward in applying for grants and much needed funding. A project like this is a major undertaking. We hope to have it open for use come spring of 2021. Rest assured there is still a lot of work to do once open, any help will be greatly appreciated. A brief overview of the area was taken with a drone. Please visit by clicking -Here-.