Buck Night

 Buck Night 2018

Friends and families once again joined the Rivers and Area Game and Fish Association for their 22nd Annual Buck Night December 8th.  The event was held in the Redfern Hall in the Riverdale Community Centre.  Attention was focused on the 61 antlered deer heads. Jase Canam won the pellet gun donated by Brandon Home Building Centre.  Justin Usunier won the head entry draw for a .22 Savage Magnum rifle.  Two rifles were given away in bucket draws.  The winners Les McAdam and Bruce Macdonald will enjoy a .22-250 Savage Trophy Hunt and a .270 Remington. Big thanks to Home Building Centre in Brandon and Rivers and Jo Brook Outdoors for their contributions.  Also a huge thanks to our volunteers and those that donated to the bag draws.  A light dinner of chili and a bun was made possible by our club chef Richard English with meat from The Farmer’s Field.

Archery Member:No Entry
Archery Non-member: Cody Denbow – 181 4/8
Junior Member: No Entry
Junior Non-Member: Levi Best – 115 7/8
Ladies Rifle Member: Robin Cripps – 116 2/8
Ladies Rife Non-Member: Sarah Speers – 140 7/8
Ladies Rifle Non-Member Non-Typical: Rhonda Foote – 97 7/8
Muzzle Loader Member Typical: Kelvin Lamb – 115 0/8
Muzzle Loader Non-member Typical: Mark Neustaedter – 112 5/8
Muzzle Loader Member Non-Typical: Roger Beaudin – 97 0/8
Muzzle Loader Non-member Non-Typical: Chris McCoy – 100 4/8
Men’s Rifle Member: Doug Cripps – 138 1/8
Men’s Rifle Non-Member Typical: Brodie Dinwoodie – 149 6/8
Men’s Rifle Member Non-Typical: Ross Taylor – 125 3/8
Men’s Rifle Non-Member Non-Typical: Kenny Macdonald – 185 3/8

Buck Night  2017

A record crowd of approx. 200 people crammed into the Redfern Hall Dec. 2nd for the 21st annual trophy buck night.  A record number of 69 heads were entered.  The head entry rife was won by Tyler Spring of Rivers.  Card draws were won by Felicity Cavell of Oak River and Nadine Vickery of Rivers.  Many prizes donated from members, merchants from Riverdale, Brandon, and surrounding area made the event a success.  Chili and a bun was provided by our association chef Richard English.  Building displays from Home Building Center and Cabelas were present.  All funds raised by the association are kept within the surrounding area supporting community projects such as the Wetlands Centre of Excellence and upkeep of the River’s boat launch area including dock.