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Members Fishing Derby
-April 11, 2019-

The Rivers and Area Game and Fish Association would like to announce a year long members only angling contest.  Contest is open for members of the association along with their registered family members.  Awards will be given for largest Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch, and Rock Bass for both Adults and Youth.  Also an award for largest fish based against the Manitoba Master Angler program.  See application and rules for more information, links are posted below.

Angling Award Application
Angling Award Rules-2019


June 26, 2019
-Rivers lake had some net studies happen to find out the healthiness of the fish.  Lloyd Rowe a fisheries technician and help from the Rivers Provincial park set out nets and netted fish in various parts of the lake.




Fishing Info 101:

Esocid lymphosarcoma, also known as Esox lymphosarcoma is a transmissible tumor which affects two species of fish, northern pike (Esox lucius) and Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy), in North America and Europe. The tumors initially are found in the skin, but later in the course of the disease are also found in the internal organs. The tumors appear as colorless skin protrusions which are several centimeters in diameter. A retrovirus has been detected in affected cells by electron microscopy. The disease is spread by physical contact between fish, probably during the spring spawning season. The disease has the lowest prevalence in the summer.  It was mentioned that the skin condition isn’t harmful to human touch.  There were some pike caught at the March ice derby that had this skin condition.  We thought a little information can help anyone who comes across this condition.
–Source: Wikipedia–


March 2nd, 2019
-Rivers Police Cadets
Rivers Game and Fish met with the River’s Police Cadets on Saturday March 2nd.  Members brought out tents to fish from, a local resident allowed the use of his ice shack to cook up some delicious hot dogs for the kids.  Sorry for no pictures.  Again like Louis Riel day the weather was very frigid and any wind cut through you like a knife.  It didn’t help the fish were not co-operating either leaving everyone skunked for the day.  Overall the day was a success as the youth enjoyed trying to catch fish and when that was slow, they ran around playing in the snow banks and filled their bellies with warm hot dogs.  Anything involving our future youth and fishing is always a pleasure to be a part of.


Monday, Feb. 18th, 2019
-5th Annual Louis Riel Day Learn to Fish-
Rivers Game and Fish hosted another year of educating youth and adults alike on the joys of ice fishing.  Temperatures pushing -31C didn’t deter willing participants to learn how to bait a hook and set a proper depth using a simple stick/line/bobber set up.  This year the fish were not willing to be caught.  Fish caught earlier by club members were used as a backup for a filleting demonstration.


We all must do our part in preventing Aquative Invasive Species!!
Spot the stripes, stop the spread.
Please read the link on what you can do to prevent contamination of our rivers and lakes.
–Stop the Spread–

April 8th, 2018
I found this website while browsing the Manitoba Sustainable Development website.  It has stocking reports, lake contours, and assessment data.

Upcoming is our Learn to Fish on Feb. 19th, 2018 – See back for updates shortly after date.  Should be a fun time teaching the younger generation some tips and tricks for ice fishing.  Maybe we may just learn something ourselves lol.

Oct. 22nd, 2017 members came out and installed a new ground waste holding tank at the River’s boat launch.  Gill’s Plumbing and Heating dug the hole and dropped in the new tank.  Jason from Deadwood Customs helped remove the old building and install it over the new framework.  Would also like to thank North American Lumber in Rivers for donating some of the materials.


Feb. 20, 2017-Louis Riel Day was host to Rivers & Area Game and Fish Association’s third annual Learn to Fish event.  33 youngsters accompanied by parents and guardians met on Lake Wahtopanah by the Rivers boat launch.  All participants received a goody bag with a handmade rod and various fishing items.  The only pike caught was by Carter Lelond in which his father preformed a filleting demonstration after the event.  Hot dogs and hot chocolate filled the bellies of those attending.